Summer’s coming, make the most of it!


Welcome for new members and learners


Why not try a new outdoor leisure activity this summer?  Croquet is an interesting and enjoyable game which, with its handicapping system, can be played on equal terms by men and women of all ages and abilities.


Perhaps you have played garden croquet with family or friends and would like to learn more about the game. Perhaps you have hung up your boots or trainers after playing a more strenuous sport and would like to switch to a game that involves challenge and skill but does not require the strength and stamina of more energetic activities. Perhaps the children have left home and you find you have more time. Perhaps you have just retired or moved to the area and would like to try something new. Or perhaps you would just like to escape from the phone or computer or kitchen or daily round of work and enjoy a stimulating game in the fresh air? Why not try your hand at croquet?


Chester Croquet Club meets in Westminster Park off Hough Green in Chester. It is a friendly and successful club with about a hundred members and is always pleased to welcome new members of all standards from absolute beginners to more experienced players.


There will be an initial taster session at 6.30 to 8.30 pm on Tuesday, 29 April, for which there is no charge. This will be followed by a comprehensive beginners’ course at the same time on Tuesday evenings for five weeks from 6 May to 3 June 2014. The fee is £30 but is free for new members joining the club at a subscription of £52 for the full season.


Coaching is also available for people who have played before and would like to improve their skills.


No previous knowledge of the game is needed and all equipment will be provided by the club. The only requirement is that players must wear flat-soled shoes.


If you would like to enroll or would like more information, please contact the club secretary, John Dawson, at 01244 675929.

Come and join in, and bring your family or friends!