Westminster Park Cricket Fixtures 2011

April 28th Carlton Tavern home F
May 5th India F
May 11th Heberians away (Cholmondeley castle) L
May 15th Llay away F
May 19th MP Plumbing home L
May 26th Carmel camels away L
May 31st Tattenhall away F tbc
June 2nd India home (Chester Asians) L
June 7th Gresford away L
June 16th Gwersyllt home L
June 21st Gwersyllt away L
June 26th Neston cc home F
June 30th Gresford home L
July 6th India home (Chester Asians) L
July 8th Kinnerton home F
July 14th Carmel camels home L
July 21st MP Plumbing away L
July 28th Heberians home L
Aug 2nd Eaton Hall Duke of Westminster X1 F
Aug 12th Tattenhall home F TBC
Aug 21st Northop Irregulars away F
Aug 26th Kinnerton home F
Sept 4th Blue Ceylions home F
Sept 11th Neston cc away F

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