FOWP Meeting Summary 14 August 2013

Prior to the formal opening of the meeting the Chairman made reference to the the sad passing of Helen Noble who had been a respected member of the Committee and a note is made in the minutes to acknowledge her contribution to the Friends.

No incoming letters etc received. Following the passing of Helen Noble a vacancy on the Committee to represent the Lache area requires filling and following prior contacts it was hoped that this could accommodated by Lawrence Philpot who is involved in other Lache initiatives. An approach has been made by way of letter by the Secretary but no response has yet been received.

Latest figures indicated the with the current and business accounts together there was a surplus of £1,567.81. No forthcoming expenditures were planned.

Reports from various meetings attended by the Chairman and Secretary.
The Committee had already been circulated with notes from the last meeting held on the 16th July with CW@C and Brio representatives.
In summary the issues were
Andy James handed over Ranger responsibilities to Paul Taylor.
Green Flag awarded again for 2013/2014.
No management plan yet signed off by council.
Hedge cutting to commence at the end of August but no overall plan worked to.
Golf course logistics still unsatisfactory
Putting green project still undecided.
Cafe improvements not advanced as latest inspection by environmental officer found facility ‘unfit for purpose’
Toilet block condition continues to attract negative publicity with nobody taking responsibility for condition.
Dog regulation progress. None since since meeting with regulatory services.
Greenspace strategy review stalled.
A positive note was to acknowledge that the grass cutting and condition of bowls and croquet lawns was excellent. The Chairman voiced his frustration on the lack of progress on nearly all issues and said that it was time to address these through new channels.

Options available are Local Councillors, Leisure Committee Chairman Stuart Parker or the Council Chief Executive Steve Robinson.
It was agreed that the local option was the best starting point.
It has therefore been arranged that the Secretary and Chairman would meet with the local councillors Neil Sullivan and Raiza Daniels to voice our concerns and demand that progress is forthcoming through joint actions. The initial priorities are the Toilets and the Cafe before moving onto other issues.
This meeting will take place on Thursday 15th August at 1000 hours.

Tennis Club had met with the Council earlier today. Attending were Julie Powell, Laura Shakeshaft and Paul Taylor. A lease has now been drawn up and a final decision is awaited on the proposal. It is not clear at this stage whether this will be made by Stuart Parker or a senior council officer.
There was concern expressed at the meeting as to the ongoing presence of Brio to collect the fees for use of the public courts.

Allan Stobie has booked the Community Centre for the AGM to be held on Wednesday 20th November 2013.
Further discussions took place regarding the method of subscription collections. Different residents associations either through addendum to their own newsletters or by seeking to address a higher block contribution. The Westminster Park Residents Association subscription was causing most confusion with a perception that this also meant that members were paid up to the Friends. The Chairman and representatives will seek to address this anomaly.
The Friends agreed to participate in the Incredible Edible project which will involve planting a number of fruit trees in the ‘wild’ area. Secretary to advise Paul Taylor.
The current dog regulations need further discussions with the regulatory services with a need to change the outdated restrictions in force.

The meeting concluded at 2050 hours.

Norman Trott
17th August 2013

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