Notes from FOWP July Meeting

Summary of issues discussed at the Committee meeting held on 13th July 2011.

 Following the recent grant award to Westminster Park through the Queen Elizabeth Award scheme gym equipment will be installed on the area between the tennis courts and the play area. It is hoped to be in place by September following the supplier contract award by the Council.
 The Council will be updating local Bye-Laws to ensure that ‘dogs on lead’ restrictions in certain areas of the park are complied with.
 Action being considered by the Council to fell a number of trees in the car park awaiting necessary funding.
 Updating of Café facilities requested from Council.
 Green Flag award continued for a further year.
 The Chairman,Vice Chairman and Secretary are undertaking a series of meetings with Council heads to progress the FoWP having greater involvement in the management of the Park.
 The Croquet/Bowls Pavilion area to have all reclamation work completed by year end.

The following issues are being pursued with the Council

No lights working in the Car Park
Gate opening and closing times not be adhered to
Damaged hedges not being replaced on a timely basis