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Minutes of FOWP March Meeting

Friends of Westminster Park

Minutes of Committee meeting held on Wednesday 7th March 2012 at
24 Lache Lane Chester. Commenced at 1930 hours.

Present. Norman Trott. Sue Britton. Helen Noble. Peter Dodd.
David Guyton. Jennifer Stokes. Jenny Szcyglowska. Liz Neeves.

1. Apologies for absence . Received from Allan Stobie and Nicky Crane.

2. Minutes of last meeting ( 5th October 2011)
Agreed as a true record .

3. Matters arising. None that are not covered by agenda items

4. Correspondence. None

5. Treasurer’s report. Current funds as presented are £194.51 in Current Account and £1,344.52.01 in the Bonus Saver. No major expenditures planned at present.

6. Review meeting with Council held on the 13th February 2012. Notes already circulated to Committee members. Item 7 to detail and comment on content.

7. Issues from meeting.
 Proposal from Council to regulate park opening hours at 0800-1800 hours during GMT and 0800- 2100 in BST. No issue but confirmation awaited.
 Dog regulations. Still with legal officers
 Cafe update. Offer to contract out cafe operation declined by Brio Leisure. Improvements due during spring period
 Hedge cutting. This is now finally underway
 Future management input by FoWP. 12 month Council Management plan made available to Committee but very lengthy with no real substance. David Guyton,s single page document on objectives and priorities discussed by Committee and agreed as best way forward with presentation to Council at next review meeting. General view that FoWP will need to drive this issue as no initiatives coming from Council particularly now that Chris Cook is no longer in employment.
 Car Park trees. No funding available for planned changes.
 Woodland Trust. Secretary has now receive the 100 trees due to be planted to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Andy James has arranged for local school children to assist in the planting on Wednesday 28th March 2012. Secretary to produce information leaflet for circulation to all members seeking support for the venture.
 Jubilee week end events. As a number of local residents associations are holding their own parties the Friends will not host any park events.
 Temporary fencing. Progress is being made to make good temporary structures.

8. Website. Good updated content continues but these must be made through Sue to ensure continuity.

9. Any other business. The Green Flag is no longer on it’s flagpole. Secretary to write to Andy James.
Peter Dodd is looking for support for the cricket team who are arranging a charity match in June. Committee agreed that it would publicise the event and offer personal assistance when the date and time is confirmed. Notice boards and website to be used.
Surplus picnic benches appear to be available from the cafe area and the Secretary will write to Andy James to seek best use of them.
The positioning of the small gate on the path by the tennis courts appears to serve no particular purpose and will be raised at the next review meeting.

10. Date of next meeting. To be advised following further discussions with the Council.

Committee Meeting Minutes 5 October 2011

Friends of Westminster Park

Extracts from Committee meeting held on 5th Oct 2011

There has been no further communication from Chris Cook since our last meeting with regard to the Friends greater involvement in the Park management.

Letter received from the Council inviting attendance at the next West Cheshire Together Partnership meeting to be held on the 15th November. Committee members invited to advise Secretary as to their wish to attend, this will then be passed on to the relevant party.

Current funds as presented are £130.34 in Current Account and £1,341.01 in the Bonus Saver. Committee requested to advise Chairman of any suitable future exenditures.

Review meeting with Council held on the 20th September2011
Notes had already been supplied to all the Committee.
 Confirm work has now started on outdoor gym equipment
 Chairman to follow up lack of supply for ‘dog’ sacks.
 Council still dealing with by-law introduction for dogs on lead in specific areas.
 Car Park tree removal plan agreed in principle but awaiting finance.
 Keys for gate access. Phone number for Andy James to be given to Jennifer.
 Awaiting contact from local schools re introduction of further bird boxes
 Chairman to meet with John Seiler regarding additional funding for Sculpture, this will hopefully be through the Art Council.
 No update on improved facilities in the Cafe likely till Spring.
 Hedge trimming by Council through winter months.

AGM. Date confirmed as Tuesday 22nd November at the Community Centre commencing at 2000 hours. Secretary to provide draft agenda to Chairman. Invites to be sent to local Councillors and Council representatives. A data base of all members to be created by the Secretary to send details of AGM, Website and Subscription renewals.

Newsletter. Chairman preparing draft and welcomes input from Committee members. This will be posted on the Website and delivered to members who are not on email.

Website updates. Secretary to send abridged version of Committee meeting minutes to Sue for posting.

Any other business.
Request to Council for details of First Aid expertise in Park re gym equipment and
BMX track.
Committee to maintain contact with Cricket club ref event planned for next May.
Secretary to contact Walking Club members to ascertain whether they would like representation on the Committee.
Subscriptions for coming year to be sent to Chairman and Secretary as per last year.